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My darling, growing, slit-eyed brood
Soon, now, to leave my lair,
To seek your mates, and your own food.
Pause, nestlings, and prepare.

We live our lives by fang and claw,
We kill so we may live.
But I have this, one final law,
And warning still to give.

Although the hunt and chase are sweet,
And blood is best when hot,
Remember, for your glut of meat,
Kill so they suffer not.

We are ourselves--and not their kind.
They live in stealth and fear.
They huddle, dread that we shall find
And strike, when we draw near.

We need their lives to save our own.
We kill and kill again.
Have pity, strike to feed, alone.
Show mercy, even then.

It is not right to relish fear,
And foul to cause them pain.
Take freely, swiftly, elk, boar, deer,
But learn what I explain.

Someday the darkness will find you,
And you yourself will die.
And you shall know my words were true.
And I'm explaining why:

Like them we live, then live no more.
Be swift in your onslaught.
Feed, fill yourself, with flesh and gore.
Strike so they suffer not.

And when the Pale Drake comes at last,
Holds out his bony claw,
To one truth you may still hold fast--
You kept to this same law.

You'll face him as a dragon should,
With truth never forgot.
And say, 'Do now, Sir, what you would--
'Strike so I suffer not.'
Strike So They Suffer Not
A mother dragon gives her brood a last, important lesson.  This is NOT a sad poem.
I pause, at sunset, on a hill,
And watch the sky turn dark, and still,
I swish my tail, thoughtfully,
And think about eternity.

Each moment will not come again,
Or will they, someday?  If so, when?
I shift my weight, adjust my hooves,
And notice how the world moves.

I learn, I age, gain, and the price,
I profit by, and give advice.
There's grey in certain parts of me,
A treasure-trove, of memory.

There's lovers held, and races won,
There's things both well, and badly done.
I can be proud, I should be meek,
I grow more thoughtful, when I speak.

And yet, I watch the foals at play,
I hear the things their mothers say,
And smile, in secret, and stand guard,
No, keeping to myself's not hard.

I've old friends scented, in the breeze,
And new friends met, to pass at ease
A lazy hour in drink, and song,
And such an hour is not long.

I feel, still, something lies ahead,
Good books to be obtained, and read.
Old knowledge found, and brought to light,
And poems and tales I'm meant to write.

And so, I pause upon this hill,
I've had so much, but not my fill
Of joy, of sadness, peace, and strife,
So much still yet to live, of life.
Centaur on a Hill
A poem dedicated to Lucius Appaloosius, a pillar... and a pillar... and a pillar... also a pillar... of the Centaur community.   At whose birth or foaling, whichever, I rejoice. Happy Birthday, and may happiness come at a gallop!
They gave Nessus a bright red nose
And made his skin dark blue.
And this has, since Fantasia, proved
A sad fact we all knew,
That though the Ancient Greek artistes
All could appreciate us,
The fact is very clear, now, that
The Disney Artists hate us.

Chiron taught young HerAcles,
A centaur, if you please,
They've given his job to some slob,
Name of Philoctetes,
And made Achilles OLDER, somehow,
Do they hope to bait us?
They try to use our myths, but still
The Disney Artists hate us.

They try to draw a centauress
And inspiration fails,
They somehow think we'd let someone
Come up and bob our tails.
As if we'd let a two-legs
Have a chance to mutilate us!
I guess it's wishful thinking, since
The Disney Artists hate us.

Winsor McCay could draw us,
And his work's still not been bested,
And Disney stole a lot from him,
If someone's interested.
We hope a better treatment
Of our folk might still await us,
Let's hope Dreamworks gets busy, for
The Disney Artists hate us.

And if, someday, in Florida,
There is a sound of hooves,
And animators startle
As the earth shudders and moves,
And someone kicks the walls down,
And they all go on hiatus,
It's simply what we owe them, 'cause
The Disney Artists hate us.
Centaurs' Sad Reflection
Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone was a start... But we didn't get REALLY good centaurs 'til the Narnia movies.  Then Percy Jackson's were pretty good.  But the Disney Artists... hate centaurs.
For Didlika
American dragon... gonna take your gold...
American dragon, she gonna loot your gold.
Mm, American dragon wants all your gold...
Mm, American dragon... Gonna grab that gold...
Say D
Say R
Say A
Say G
Say O
American dragon... got a dragon spell
American dragon... She don't chomp and tell!
American dragon... got a dragon spell
American dragon, stay away from me
American dragon, please just let me be!
Don't come a-swoopin' through my door
Don't like those fangs... Don't like that roar!
When I saw that gout of flame I knew
That you would do what dragons do...
Now dragon, I said stay away
American dragon, listen what I say!
American dragon, get away from me
American dragon, stop that, let me be
Don't come a-breakin' down my door!
Don't wanna flee your shadow no more
Dragon eyes can hypnotize!
Enspell someone else's eyes!
Now dragon, I said fly away
American dragon, listen what I say, HEY!
American dragon, beggin' go away
American dragon, listen what I pray!
Don't come a-burnin through my front door
Don't like the fire, don't like the roar!
Boy, I need some war machines!
Wish you'd learn to eat your greens!
Dragon eyes can hypnotize!
Enspell someone else's eyes!
Now dragon, get away from me
American dragon, would you let me be?
Whoa, have to get away, haveta get away
Oh, no no no!
I'm gonna flee you, dragon
Gonna flee you, dragon
My thigh!
My eye!
I cry!
Sigh, sigh!
You're too big for me
I'm no food for you
Try to look you right in the eye!
But too scared of you!
You know I'm gonna flee!
You know I'm gonna run!
You know I'm gonna heave!
You know I'm gonna freak, dragon
I'm gonna flee ya, dragon!
Goodbye, American dragon...
American Dragon

One should imagine this song being sung by Bilbo Baggins in a Pimp Hat.

One tap… makes you hotter…
And one tap… makes you cold…
And if you splash… any water…
You will hear your… owner scold.
It’s not malice…  But it gets so old.

We rabbits… are soon mastered…
By our instincts… and our fears…
And that stupid… primate bastard…
Just got shampoo… in my ears…
It’s not malice… But it’s ‘No More Tears.’

And if you go… bathing rabbits…
And you rub them… with a towel…
However… kind their habits…
You will hear them… try to growl…
Bunny faces… don’t do ‘scowl!’

Now the bath is… finally over…
And your fur’s soggy and flat…
And you splay your claws while crouching
Rather grouchy… on the mat…
You had best remember…
Past the urge to… gnaw and shred…

Wet Rabbit
A friend has a lagomorph room mate of decided character.  He showed me an animated GIF of a bunny being bathed bathetically splashing its owner with its forepaw.

And the rest, they say, is a combination of Acid Rock beats and musical history.


Wendy Terwilleger
United States
Just a note...

I am very grateful to any artist with the kindness and consideration to share that person's creativity.  It takes courage, gives someone a real chance to hurt you with a cruel internet comment, and you risk your most precious dreams and visions being trampled or mocked by thoughtless people.

I am very grateful.  I try to make some small return with praise, support, and USEFUL NEVER CRUEL comments.  If you can't say something nice... But I also know, very well, the ache and emptiness that comes from no feedback on something you had the courage to share...

AND... (not a 'but.'  Please don't ignore everything before the 'but!')

When you put a large, obscuring watermark through your art, you are obviously more concerned about someone stealing your work than seeing your work.  As I see it, it rather negates the whole thing involved with putting it up at all.  I want to see the picture, not a distracting graphic--and not all watermarks ARE distracting graphics!  If you make that impossible, it's your choice, but know this from me:

I will not comment upon or award a 'favorite' to any picture, no matter how good, or how in need of friendly suggestions, that has such a large and distracting watermark upon it.  By all means, do whatever you wish or think best with your creativity--but when I can't appreciate it, I won't support it.  I hate to say this in addition, but it's a simple flat truth--most of the stuff I see protected by a large, distracting watermark didn't have snowball's chance in Hades of being copied or stolen.

To those of you who so unselfishly share--thank you, so very much.


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